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Luxe Prive Ibiza

Our Review of Ibiza's Top Security Service

Luxe Prive is committed to connecting our members with only the most superior service providers. For professional bodyguard hire in Ibiza, we recommend this British-owned private security company, based in Ibiza since 1997...

Review by Carol Gould - Members Service Coordinator.

Luxe Prive Group. 30th September 2022

Top Bodyguard Service in Ibiza

We do not profit from our relationship with our Service Partners. This allows us to offer genuine recommendations based on the quality of service and feedback from members of our community.


The team at Diplomat Protection Group protects our members here in Ibiza and wherever they travel around the Mediterranean - from Marbella to Mykonos. They also have a Winter program providing private security to our members who ski in Courchevel & St Moritz.


VIP's don't normally write personal reviews - but every year we ask our members for their feedback on how we are performing. The following comment about the Diplomat Protection Group was received from one of our highest profile members...

I would like to thank you for connecting me with the Diplomat Protection Group in Ibiza. As you are aware, I have been using this team for the past 7 years. Every Summer in Ibiza and Winter in Courchevel I entrust this team with the safety and privacy of my family and guests. 

I can see the decades of experience at work - their subtle & discrete way of controlling our personal space without drawing attention to us. Our days and nights are drama-free because these guys are truly experts at what they do. Watching them work puts a smile on my face. There's nothing more satisfying than knowing we hire the best security team in the industry!

recommended bodyguard service in Ibiza

If you are a member of Luxe Prive community, we can organize & coordinate services on your behalf. If you are not a member - you can communicate directly with Diplomat Protection Group in Ibiza via their official website: 

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