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No Middlemen - No Booking Fees

There are two types of VIP in Ibiza

Those who think they are connected...

And those who know they are!


If you are still paying a concierge

to organize your Ibiza visit

"you're so 2016"

Introduction to Luxe Prive Ibiza

Welcome to Luxe Prive VIP

We are a private members community - working hard to create clarity for VIP travellers seeking the very best of everything Luxury & VIP in the Mediterranean Jet-Set resorts. We seek perfection and expect the very highest standards of service for our members.

Middlemen & concierge offer little value in our approach to serving our community. Luxe Prive VIP exists to encourage direct relationships & networking between our service providers & our VIP members.

Our VIP community have extremely high standards. Luxe Prive invites superior suppliers to collaborate with each other & our members - to ensure that VIP's have access to "The Best" selection of VIP services & the ability to communicate with them directly...

"connect directly with premier service providers"

Just like when you visit your favorite hotel or restaurant - you receive a warm and personal welcome from key members of management & staff. They remember your personal preferences - they make you feel extra special. The key to receiving a 'special, personal service' is your relationship with that business and key members of staff.


Members of our private community are introduced to key staff members at your favorite venues & premium service providers here in Ibiza. Luxe Prive will assist you in building your own 'little black book' of local contacts. You'll bypass the need to pay for intermediaries, fixers or concierge in the future... ensuring that you are paying the correct prices whilst receiving the very highest level of personal service by genuine industry professionals and your own insider-contacts.


Now you're a 'Connected VIP'.

This is why Luxe Prive operates a 'Members-Only' policy. We reserve the right to screen membership applications to keep our community exclusive.


With 21 years experience caring for Tier-One VIP's, we recognise excellence and value direct relationships with premier service providers and key people at desirable venues.

If you are a member of Luxe Prive VIP - we will connect you with these people


Luxe Prive is not a concierge

It is a collaboration between Ibiza's elite

service providers & island VIP Managers


A private members community helping

genuine VIP's become 'connected'


"As a member, you become part of a privileged community & private network. Every time you book a service as a Luxe Prive Member - you will realise that more is possible"

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